Serafia (Pronounced – Sir-Raw-Fee-Uh) , is a multi-octave vocalist with a unique style and sound. Locally known in her Austin, TX community as ‘The Young Sade’ this Dominican and Russian beauty touts an impressive four and a half octave range, and has made a name for herself as a ‘brilliant’ live performer and improv artist; commanding stages in the US and Europe. Serafia’s sultry artistry is extremely versatile and has been proven to allure listeners of any genre.

But it’s Serafia’s vocal delivery that sets her apart from the rest. Her voice is tremendously rich and her tone possesses such immense thickness that it can coat an entire room, while her delivery constantly flutters between raw, powerful, smooth and relaxing…Her ability to connect with her crowd in her live performance is reminiscent of Diana Ross, Etta James and other industry giants of that era, but Serafia still intermingles her own fresh and current vibe, making her style extremely enjoyable for a variety of listeners.

But this 6-ft tall vocal enchantress doesn’t just stop at singing. Her diverse song-writing ability has also earned her placements on National TV shows on the Style Network–Including singing the theme song for the widely popular reality show, Empire Girls and constantly getting commissioned to write songs for scenes on national television ads and shows. Serafia’s unique speaking voice can also be heard doing voiceovers on commercials as well.

In 2010, Serafia recorded and released her debut soul and blues inspired EP entitled, Blu Soul. A six-song mediation of the genres most popular theme—Pain and love. Amidst her 100+ per year performances, studio session work, creating an international internet buzz and beefing up her publishing catalog, Serafia still continues to practice the basic fundamentals of her craft. A true perfectionist, Serafia definitely maintains a hard-working and ‘never-quit’ attitude toward her art.

Serafia is set to release her next album on Nov 14th 2013. She is ditching the sultry jazz singer image for something a bit more upbeat. Her new album explores aspects of 80’s and European dance and synthpop sounds, while still remaining extremely original and creative and carving herself into her own niche. Her first single, Touching My Soul is available on iTunes now.